Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages

Spoiler Alert: This book does not
Contain a self-important memoir.
Equal parts Tom Robbins, Christopher Moore and Jasper Fforde, Tom Holt’s Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages, is an insanely imaginative and hilarious read. There’s no point telling you what this book’s about, it wouldn’t make any sense. But, I’ve got to give you something.
There’s a pig who figures out the secret to transdimensional travel, a guitarist who gets turned into a rooster, a flock of chickens who learn that they’re really human lawyers, and a real estate boss who has no personal history but a knack for getting rich by eliminating the inefficiency of operating in only one dimension.
All this happens because somebody tries to cheat in a 700 year-old game of “chicken or the egg.” Cheaters never prosper, especially when they forget that lawyer-chickens revolt.
Don't mistake the humor for hollowness, there's a point behind the absurdity. A little Vonnegut seasoning. There are things we cannot know, and the more we try to figure them out, the bigger mess we make.
As an added bonus, the introductory chapter is about as good a piece of creative writing as you're apt to find.  It is FANTASTIC, and the book is well-worth the price even if you read no further.
After finishing Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages, I immediately bought another Tom Holt book, Blonde Bombshell.  This is the greatest compliment I can give an author.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the recommendation! I just looked it up in the local library catalog, where its subject is recorded as "women real estate agents--fiction." xo, kweller
Anonymous said…
The pig was my favorite, especially when it applies "sow's constant."

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