"The Valley of Fire had me rolling on the floor laughing!"

Oh, man! This car doesn't even have a steering wheel.

Great interview on the 19th with GodDiscussion.com on Blog Talk Radio about my "fantasy/new weird" novel The Valley of Fire (available on Create Space, Amazon or through your local bookstore).

"One of the funniest books I've ever  read...it is scream!" GodDiscussion.com

Click here for the interview. My segment begins at 17:05 and ends at 54:00. This is half as long as I'd like to speak and twice as long as anyone should let me. I managed to prove myself a blasphemer, heretic and Mormon apostate in one brief discussion. Not a bad trifecta!

"This is a great book, I guarantee you're going to love it." GodDiscussion.com

If you're a free thinker, I highly recommend the God Discussion show and website. If you're not a free thinker or just don't like the God Discussion people, then I hope you spend the rest of your life eating nothing but the leather soles of dusty shoes.  No gravy.


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