Are those dollar signs on his tie?
As President, he'll punch Big Bird in the face. (He'll smack Snuffleupagus, too, if he can find him.)

Romney hates Jim Lehrer. Either that or he always shouts over people when he doesn’t like the rules. I half expected Romney to put Lehrer in a cage on top of his car. Move over Shamus, you’ve got company.

Mitt Romney’s a liar. Both of them. Which Romney should we believe?

Romney’s sons are also liars. So much for the "proud pappa" routine.

He thinks argument volume = argument validity. It's called a microphone, Mr. Romney. There's no need to shout.

Ted Kennedy once said, "I am pro-choice, my opponent [Romney] is multiple choice." Kennedy was onto something - Romney has more positions than the Kama Sutra.

Romney used to say anything to get elected. Now he says nothing. I’ve seen more detailed instructions for boiling water.

For all his tantrums trying to get the last word, it's amazing how little he said.  The man who can talk for an hour and say nothing is the man who believes nothing.


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"Rolling on the floor laughing."




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